Vision & Mission

When the first stone of our company was laid we had the following things in our mind and on the same lines we are working since 1991.

» Not only to meet the needs, but also the wants of customers.
» To understand and fulfill functional requirement of customer.
» To supply quality extrusions with help of highly skilled technocrafts hired from all over the world.
» To give the value of the money of customers' by reducing the cost and maintaining the cream through a word called innovative technologies.
» To minimize handling of aluminium as long as possible.
» To fulfill the social responsibilities and duty towards the society.

Quality has been a tradition with GAL Aluminium. Our stringent quality control standards and quality assurance systems cover all work process right from manufacture till shipment. The company’s quality policy is directed towards total client satisfaction with In-Time Delivery schedules and other functional requirements. The company’s quest for excellence is a constant pursuit, with a commitment to develop and improvise our products and services.

» To meet the requirements of external and internal customers on sustained basis
» To understand and fulfill functional requirements of the customer
» To incessantly supply material as per delivery schedule
» To instigate and maintain a highly skilled, motivated and disciplined team
» To ensure quality in die design and manufacturing.
» To minimize dependence on Inspection
» To achieve high productivity and minimum handling
» To improve the capabilities of vendors by engaging in continuous dialogue and feedback
» To minimize cost by reducing wastes, re-work and scrap
» To ensure cleanliness and good housekeeping

Certificate/Awards Achieved by GAL Aluminium
Certificate/Awards Achieved by GAL Aluminium
Certificate/Awards Achieved by GAL Aluminium
Certificate/Awards Achieved by GAL Aluminium