Punching & Fabrication

Aluminium Puncing Machine at GALFabrication of Aluminium at GAL

At the design stage it is possible to create a profile that needs a minimum amount of post-extrusion machining. However, some form of further processing is often necessary after extrusion. The material properties of aluminium are suitable for application of any fabrication method. We know the properties of the material, we have machinery and tools available, and we also constantly develop and improve our processing methods.

Customer’s benefits from fabrication at Sapa Profily include :
» no cost for machinery equipment
» no need for specialist and software to provide technological preparation of production
» no rejects and scrap
» shortened production cycle
» less tied-up capital
» reduced administrative costs
» final component ready for direct assembly in desired quantities

Technical capabilities for fabrication
» CNC machining
» cutting and deburring
» milling
» drilling and tapping
» punching
» tumbling
» thermal break rolling

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